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Pour s’inscrire en secondaires, c’est ici! 1ère, 2ème et 3ème 

Good news, the secondary school has opened in September 2022!

Registrations for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd secondary are open -> see “admissions” tab

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Next information session:

Lundi 19 février 2024, 20h00, Soirée d’information 1ère, 2ème et 3ème SECONDAIRES, avenue Père Damien 31

Lundi 22 avril 2024, 20h00, Soirée d’information 1ère, 2ème et 3ème SECONDAIRES, avenue Père Damien 31


How to enrol? 

Go to the “admissions” tab; download the registration form, fill it in and upload it via the link mentioned on the admissions page.

Upon receipt of the duly completed file, a meeting will be scheduled, preferably with both parents in attendance. This interview is an integral part of the admission process. Assessments of knowledge in languages ​​mainly and in mathematics may be required, in order to support and advise families, if necessary, in a “refresher course” for their child. (For instance, language courses in Dutch or English could be set up to allow for a smooth transition towards Agnes School Secondary).

Following a review of the application file and the interview, Agnes School will notify the parents of the outcome.

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Educational programme

In line with our preschool and primary school ethos, Agnes School Secondary’s educational programme strives to foster the academic and human excellence of its pupils. We understand excellence not as being the best, but as giving the best of oneself, reaching one’s full potential.

Our educational programme is underpinned by three fundamental commitments:

1° Catholic School: in spirit, conviction and life

2° Bilingualism by immersion and the addition of a third language in S1.

3° A holistic approach to education: we believe that a harmonious development of the 4 dimensions – intelligence, heart, body and soul – enables pupils to flourish and give their best.

Agnes School secondary aims to develop a sound mind in a sound body, a strong willpower, a generous heart and a joyful soul.


The curriculum in S1 & S2 (1st & 2nd years of secondary school)

Class starts at 8.20 and finishes at 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

And from 8.20 until 12.10 on Wednesday

Exams, diplomas and certifications

Pupils will sit the CE1D in S2 and the CE2D in S4, allowing bridges from or to regular Belgian schools.

We aim for the International Baccalaureate (IB) at the end of the 6 years of secondary school.


Trilingualism by immersion

The bilingual education already offered in our preschool and primary school is enhanced with the addition of a second foreign language in secondary school. The trilingualism we cultivate is a huge asset in today’s world, particularly in Brussels. 60 % of the classes are taught in French, 30 % in the 2nd language (either Dutch or English) and 10 % in the 3rd language (English or Dutch).

In S1 and S2, pupils will have 19h/week in French (French, mathematics, history, geography, Latin and religion).

At the end of the 6 years of secondary school, we aim for the C1 Advanced (formerly Cambridge Advanced English — CAE) for pupils in L2-English and the Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal for pupils in L2-Dutch.

The coexistence of pupils from both language sections within the same classes — not only in French, but also in PE, art and music — offers a unique opportunity to fully practise and live the languages at school. “Most studies show a facilitating effect of bilingualism in reaching trilingualism.”

The building

The building is located in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Avenue Père Damien 31.

It is large enough to accommodate the 6 years of secondary school, with 2 classes per year.

The garden of 44 ares allows pupils to enjoy revitalizing morning and lunch breaks in a haven of greenery.

The chapel of this former convent can accommodate nearly 300 people.


High school management and teachers

Class schedules for 1st and 2nd secondary: Grille horaire et liste professeurs école secondaire

Maité van der Vaeren — High School Director. Mrs van der Vaeren comes from the business world. A training management engineer, she has exercised management, leadership and team coordination responsibilities. She is passionate about education issues and the Agnes School project in particular. She decided to give a turning point to her career by putting her skills at the service of our school.

Eléonore Delamare-Fierens — Director of Studies and Professor of French. MS Delamare, a law graduate from KUL and a trilingual teacher, has been in charge of teaching at Agnes School for 10 years. She has a passion for reading.

Dirk Smulders — Leraar Nederlands. Na een lange ervaring als advocaat, stapt Mhr Smulders in 2013 over naar de onderwijswereld om die nooit meer te verlaten! Bibliofiel.

Mathilde de Vienne — English teacher. Mrs de Vienne graduated as English teacher in 2015. Since then, she has been embracing the job to its maximum, teaching to teenagers and pupils of secondary schools.

Charlotte Fortier Beaulieu — Art teacher (English). Mrs Fortier Beaulieu studied History of Art in Le Louvre, Paris, and worked for Christie’s in London. She is herself a fully-fledged and recognised painter.

Wannes Vandevivere — Leraar Natuurwetenschappen (Nederlands). MHR Vandevivere roundt zijn pedagogiekopleiding af om te geven op of middelbare school. HIJ is gepassioneerd door Wiskunde in wetenschappen.

Elisabeth Haak — Science teacher (English). Mrs Haak has a long teaching experience, both in America, her mother land, and in Belgium. She is passionate about Science and many other topics from gardening to cooking, and able to pass on her passion to pupils.

Marijke Suenens — Professor of Mathematics. MS Suenens, a graduate of the University of Ghent, has a long experience teaching this subject at various levels of high school.

Philippe Decap — Professor of Mathematics. Chemist civil engineer, Mr Decap combines a varied experience in higher and secondary education, with that of industry (Solvay) and civil service (SPF Mobility and Transport)

Jean-Baptiste Deproost — Professor of Latin. With a degree in classical philology, Mr Deproost has over 15 years of experience in secondary education. He attaches particular importance to showing the current impact of history, language and ancient culture.

Caterina Radaelli — Professor of Latin. Radaelli studied Italian literature, philology, history and Latin at the Catholic University of Milan. She has been teaching in high school for several years.

Annonciade d’Otreppe — Professor of History and French. After a master’s degree in history in Paris VI (Sorbonne) in parallel with a training in teaching professions, Mrs. d’Otreppe also has experience as a cultural guide to discover the history of Rome through her monuments and works of art. She has been teaching in secondary school since 2015.

Teresa Trelles — Professor of Geography and Religion. MS Trelles, Professor of Geography in Secondary School since 2018, graduated in Political Sciences from UCL and Associated in Secondary Education.

Marco Signore — Professor of Religion. Mr Signore, an architectural engineer by training, completed his training with studies in philosophy and theology. He has been teaching at Agnes School for many years.

Gabriel Zoican — Sportleerkracht (Nederlands). MHR Zoican behaalde een dubbel diploma Lichamelijke opvoeding in Sportcoaching aan by Leonardo da Vinci hogeschool. Zijn prioriteit: de leerlingen het beste aan te bieden op het gebied van sportieve ontwikkeling door te kiezen voor activiteiten die zowel leerzaam als leuk zijn.


Practical information


  • Uniform: pupils are required to wear the school’s uniform
    1. Girls: grey checked skirt, white shirt or polo shirt, burgundy cardigan, black shoes, grey tights or socks.
    2. Boys: grey trousers, white shirt or polo shirt, burgundy jumper, black shoes, grey socks.
    3. Physical education uniform (boys & girls): sweatshirt, burgundy sports shorts or trousers, white polo shirt.
    4. The shoes, socks, tights and white shirt can be purchased in regular shops. The other items are purchased via the school.





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