Secondary School



Good news, the secondary school is opening in September 2022!

Registrations for the 1st secondary and the 2nd secondary are now open -> see “admissions” tab

We also take note of expressions of interest for possible entries in Secondary 3.

How to enrol? 

Go to the “admissions” tab; download the registration form, fill it in and upload it via the link mentioned on the admissions page.

Upon receipt of the duly completed file, a meeting will be scheduled, preferably with both parents in attendance. This interview is an integral part of the admission process. Assessments of knowledge in languages ​​mainly and in mathematics may be required, in order to support and advise families, if necessary, in a “refresher course” for their child. (For instance, language courses in Dutch or English could be set up as of this January to allow for a smooth transition towards Agnes School Secondary).

Following a review of the application file and the interview, Agnes School will notify the parents of the outcome.


Want to know more? Register for an evening information session (rue Louis Hap 143, 1040 Bruxelles, at 8pm): 

  • February the 3d : general info session, Agnes School secondary 
  • February the 7th : info session on potential opening of 2d, 3d and 4th secondary 
  • March the 17th: info session on school books for Agnes School secondary

Enroll via following link:

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