Practical information

School calendar

The school calendar essentially follows the calendar of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, with a few specific arrangements at the start of the school year and Easter weekend. There are three inset (teacher training) days per year.  

School life includes numerous events, such as concerts, parents’ evenings, the school fête, training sessions on topics related to parenthood, etc. 

House rules

The smooth running of the school is subject to acceptance of, and compliance with, our house rules. The enrolment and continuation of schooling from one year to the next require full acceptance of these rules. At the start of each school year, parents sign the house rules and confirm that they agree with them in full. 


Our uniform is an integral part of our educational project. It is described in detail in the rules (link). Children should come to school in their uniform, and each item of clothing should be labelled with the child’s name (preferably sewn in).

Uniform sales are organised throughout the year. The dates of the uniform sales are set out in the school calendar, and e-mail reminders are sent out in advance. In the interim, you can contact the person in charge directly at:

School premises

The school is located in the heart of Brussels, at two centrally located sites: 

  • Pre-primary and primary school, from M0 to P5: Rue Louis Hap 143, Etterbeek 
  • P6 and secondary classes: Avenue Père Damien 31, Woluwe Saint Pierre 

Pre-primary and primary school pupils benefit from a large playground with various games, a sandpit, balance bikes, football goals, basketball hoops, hopscotch, etc. as well as quiet spaces for reading or creative activities.  

Secondary school pupils have year-round access to a large green, wooded park, which is ideal for team games. 

Extra-curricular activities

The school has partnerships with external associations (BRIMA and Sport&Co) and offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities for pre-primary, primary and secondary pupils, for an additional fee.  

The following document provides details of all the available activities and the registration terms. 

School meals

The school believes in the importance of a healthy, top-quality diet with locally sourced ingredients.  

Pupils from M0 to P5 are served a seasonal fruit a day. This healthy snack is provided by The Barn, an organic market which sources its products directly from local small-scale producers.  

The hot lunch service is provided by TCO Service in Wavre, a company committed to using seasonal, locally sourced produce from farms in Wallonia. As well as being organically certified, its produce is also free from GMOs and palm oil.  

Hot lunches are available to pupils from M0 to P5 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, subject to prior registration and an additional fee. There is no meal service on Wednesdays. Children who stay after 12.30 p.m. for after-school care or extracurricular activities on Wednesdays should bring in their own lunch.  

Parents may choose to provide “home-made” lunches that their children bring to school.  

There is no lunch service for P6 and secondary pupils, but they have access to microwaves and kettles to heat up meals brought from home. 

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