Registering your child

Agnes School is an independent day school offering an all-round education within a Catholic framework to girls and boys aged between 2-11 years. The Catholic ethos influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the Charter of Educational Principles which emphasises the important role that parents play as the primary educators of their children.

Charter of Educational Principles
Application Form EN 2018-19
Notice fees 2019-20
Notice fees 2018-19


February, 11th
at 20:15 hrs

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Admissions procedure

We thank you in advance for your confidence in our school. To register your child, please follow the procedure herewith :
We invite you to complete the Application Form EN 2018-19 and ask you to post it to us or drop it off at the school, marked for the attention of the School Secretariat, at the following address : Agnes School, 143 Rue Louis Hap – Brussels, 1040.
For further information, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat 02/736.13.86.


  1. The document “APPLICATION FORM” duly completed and signed.
  2. Photocopy of the family record book (“Livret de Famille” or equivalent)
(and judgment concerning the custody of children in divorce cases).
  3. A passport/identity photo.
  4. For Catholics : a baptismal certificate or a photocopy of the family religion record book.
  5. For Primary classes : copies of school report cards and/or examples of work from previous years and the current year.

Offers and Over-subscription criteria

Once the interview and the assessment have been completed, a place will be offered to all eligible candidates, subject to availability. If no places are currently available to eligible candidates, they will be placed on a waiting list. Parents of children who are not eligible will be informed as soon as possible.
Where classes are over-subscribed, offers of places will not be issued on a first come first served basis (i.e. in chronogical order). Applications for the last available places will be considered within a reasonable time period and they will be offered on the basis of a family’s long-term commitment to the school and its ethos. To assist this process (and in the case of oversubscription in the school) the criteria below will be used to allocate places. Please note that these are only guidelines, and judgments will be made considering the criteria as a whole :

a) Family reunification.
b) Siblings in the school.
c) Commitment to Charter of Principles.
d) Commitment to keeping children in Agnes School until Year 6.
e) Acadmic results.

Incomplete dossiers will not be studied.

In the case of a renewal of registration and an already child established, only complete the “re-enrollment form”.


– After reviewing the record, the Secretariat will contact the family to schedule an appointment to introduce the school to parents and prospective pupils. A second appointment will take place with Mrs. SEGERS, Headmistress of the school, who will explain the rules.

– A response will be sent to parents by post following their appointment with the Headmistress
– The registration will be effective after sending your confirmation accompanied by the transfer  of a EUR 500 deposit, which will be returned upon departure of the child from the school (subject to schooling costs being paid and up-to-date) and which is non-refundable in case of cancellation of a registration

Please transfer the registration deposit to the bank account of Agnes School as follow :
BE59 0882 6418 2626 – AGNES SCHOOL ASBL, Rue Louis Hap 143 – Brussels,1040 specifying the name of your child.

For Primary classes : the registration becomes final upon receipt of the report of the third quarter mentioning the notice in the upper class.


February, 11th
at 20:15 hrs

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School year 2019/2020

Agnes School is a private, fee-paying school. School fees are revised annually by the Board of Management.

All détails available in the Notice Fees 2019-20.


The tuition fee is set annually by the Board of Directors of Agnes School ASBL. This amount can be paid either monthly (10 months : September to June) exclusively by direct debit, or each trimester, or at one time.

Fees for 2019-20

Nursery : EUR 6.925/year

FRENCH/DUTCH Pre-Primary & Primary : EUR 6.050/year

FRENCH/ENGLISH Pre-Primary & Primary : EUR 8.350/year


The statutory accident insurance : EUR 12/year.

Flat fee related to communication services and new technologies (mail, website, SMS, etc) : EUR 10/year.

Supplies (class stationery, paint, boxes …) used for activities : EUR 48/year in pre-primary and nursery and EUR 88/year in primary (the essential school supplies will be purchased by families based on a list provided to parents in June).

The class-specific projects will be communicated at a later date. The amount requested on behalf of enrolled students appears on the annual bill for these classes, or there will be a specific bill during the year.

Non-refundable deposit : EUR 500 when taking up place offers. This deposit will form part of the general funds of the school until it is returned, without interest, when your child leaves, subject to all monies due being fully paid. If your child leaves before the final term of Year 6, you must give notice, in writing at least three months before leaving, or the deposit will be forfeited.


Price : 3,85 EUR/lunch for the students in M0 et M1 (2-3 years), 4,85 EUR/lunch for the other students. Lunch registration is done daily/ weekly throughout the term.

Occasional hot lunches : EUR 8,40.


  • Cost per term for one day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) : 68€ . Additional cost for suprevised study 20€
    Cost per term for Wednesday :
    All day care (without activities) : 180€
    Until 2:15 pm, or all day care with extra-curricular activities : 68€
  • Occasional after school care : 5€/Hour


  • E) FEE REDUCTIONThere are two types of fee reduction available :Sibling discounts: a discount on tuition is automatically provided as soon as the second child attends the school. Should there be two or more children of the same family enrolled in Agnes School, a reduction of 10% is given to each child enrolled, including the first child.Means-tested bursaries for those unable to pay full fees. The bursaries are provided by the Public-Interest Foundation ARDEA. To apply for a bursary, contact the school.
  • Solidarity contributions : 20€/YEAR/FAMILY. These contributions are used to finance the 10% reduction of tuition fees for siblings. The solidarity contributions be reimbursed to families who do not wish to make this contribution, provided that the claim is made before 15 October 2019.


February, 11th
at 20:15 hrs


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Equal opportunities

Our school offers a place, subject to availability, to any child whose parents agree with the Charter of Educational Principles and who, in the opinion of the school, can benefit from the education provided, given the educational facilities, support and financial resources available at the time.

Within the limits of available funds, the school relies on ARDEA Foundation grants to help families who do not have sufficient means. Parents are invited to submit a bursary form to the ARDEA Foundation.

We welcome pupils with physical disabilities, provided that our site can cope with them. However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with the Headmistress at interview, or before they sit the assessment, to determine whether we can make adequate provision for them. We will discuss thoroughly with parents the adjustments that can reasonably be made.


February, 11th
at 20:15 hrs


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