Admission procedure for pre-primary, primary and secondary

Places still available in M0 

Entry possible at various time-intervals throughout 2022-2023.

Contact the school directly

We thank you very much for the interest shown in Agnes School.

Before introducing a request for enrolment, we would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our school project and read our charter on educational principles. There is plenty of information on our website; you are also strongly encouraged to attend one of the evening information session, and/or visit the school during working hours to get a thorough overview of what we offer.

For an admission for the academic year 2022-2023, you should get familiar with two documents that give a very complete picture of how we function on a daily basis, schedules, expectations, modalities, etc:

House rules 2022-2023 (update 20-06-22)

House rules 2023-2024

School policy on the use of screens (tablets, computers, telephones, etc) Charte sur les ecrans 2022-EN

Notice minerval and fees 2022-2023

Notice Minerval 2023-2024

Explanations on the school calendar 2023-2024

The calendar 2023-2024


When you have decided to enrol:

  1. Download and fill-in the application form:

Application form (PDF)

2. Submit the request for enrollment electronically, via this link.

You can enter your contact details and attach the request for enrollment electronically.


a) Please note that if you introduce a request for enrollment for a class of the primary section (except for P1) or of secondary school, we will invite you to upload a copy of the last 3 report cards of your child. Please have them ready when submitting your online application.


b) If applicable, please prepare a copy of additional reports (medical reports, speech-therapy, etc) you may wish to draw our attention to, in view of an adequate child-care.


We will acknowledge receipt of your online application submission.

Incomplete application files will not be taken into account.

Feel free to contact our secretariat for any further question you may have: 02 736 13 86

Evolution of the process

After reviewing each application form, Agnes School will invite the parents (both of them) to attend a meeting to further discuss the educational project. The interview forms an integral part of the admission process.

For entries in secondary or towards the end of the cycle of primary, assessments of knowledge in languages ​​mainly and in mathematics may be required, in order to support and advise families, if necessary, in a “refresher course” for their child. (For instance, language courses in Dutch or English could be set up as of this January to allow for a smooth transition towards Agnes School Secondary).

Following a review of the application file and the interview, Agnes School will notify the parents of the outcome of the enrolment process.

Depending on the available number of places an offer will be made to candidates fulfilling all the admission criteria.

It is only once the school offers a place for the child(ren) that parents are invited to pay a deposit of 500 Euros/per child to serve as a guarantee and make the registration effective. The deposit will be returned upon departure of the child(ren) from the school (subject to schooling costs being paid and up-to-date). The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation of registration.


In the event that the school has no places available to make an offer, parents may ask that their child’s application data be kept on a waiting list.

Feel free to contact our secretariat for any further question you may have: 02 736 13 86

Once admitted, parents applying for the M0 section will have to fill in and sign two specific documents from Kind en Gezin that will enable them to benefit from tax deduction. These are:


21-05-07 Schriftelijke overeenkomst

21-05-07 Huishoudelijk reglement

Discover Agnes School

Monday 27 March, 8pm: about the secondary (1st and 2nd year)

(Tbc), 8pm: about the pre-primary and primary school

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Fees for the pre-primary, primary and secondary school

School year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023

Agnes School is a private, fee-paying school. School fees are revised annually by the Board of Management.

For an admission for the academic year 2022-2023, please refer to the following documents:

Fees (tuition fees, fixed fees and optional services) can be viewed here Notice on school fees 2022-2023 or Notice Minerval 2023-2024

House rules 2022-2023: House rules 2022-2023 (update 20-06-22)

House rules 2023-2024

Discover Agnes School

Monday 27 March, 8pm: about the secondary (1st and 2nd year)

(Tbc), 8pm: about the pre-primary and primary school

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Equal opportunities

Agnes School is a private school offering an all-round education within a Catholic framework to girls and boys aged between 2-11 years. The Catholic ethos influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the Charter of Educational Principles which emphasises the important role that parents play as the primary educators of their children.

Our school offers a place, subject to availability, to any child whose parents agree with the Charter of Educational Principles and who, in the opinion of the school, can benefit from the education provided, given the educational facilities, support and financial resources available at the time.

Within the limits of available funds, the school relies on ARDEA Foundation grants to help families who do not have sufficient means. Parents are invited to submit a bursary form to the ARDEA Foundation.

We welcome pupils with physical disabilities, provided that our site can cope with them. However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with the Headmistress at interview, or before they sit the assessment, to determine whether we can make adequate provision for them. We will discuss thoroughly with parents the adjustments that can reasonably be made.


Discover Agnes School

Tuesday 14 February – Open doors for pre-primary and primary school, 8.30am til 11.30am

Monday 27 March, 8pm: about the secondary (1st and 2nd year)

(Tbc), 8pm: about the pre-primary and primary school

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Témoignage d’une maman anglaise, dont la fille est une ancienne élève de la section FR/NL:    

Mother of Ch. G, former British pupil in French/Flemish stream at Acacia-Agnes school. We are still huge supporters of your school! Thanks to the wonderful education Ch. received at Agnes School, we had no problems at all with Ch. moving on to a French Belgian secondary school, where she is currently thriving in the fifth year in FR/NL immersion).  In fact she received offers from all four of the Belgian secondary schools to which she applied!

Message de parents d’élèves, qui quitteront Agnes School en juin 2020: 

“The reason because my son J.C, currently in P5 EN, will not follow next school year is due to professional matters. The whole family is returning home next summer. I would like to express my gratitude in advance to Agnes School. My wife and myself are very happy for the opportunity that Agnes School provided  to our son so far, being part of a great pedagogic programm, and being led by excellent and vocational teachers who put the right emphasis on the children development stressing the catholic values. We are lucky!

Moreover, on the administrative side of the school, I do have to repeat my appreciation, since every time that I needed any certificate or document I was helped with the best diligence and understanding. I beg that you pass this email to those in charge of these aspects.

My son is happy in Agnes School, and for sure, he will keep good memories for life, like his parents. Thank you very much.

Témoignage d’une famille qui vit actuellement une année d’expatriation aux Etats-Unis, et dont les 3 enfants étaient scolarisés en section Français/Anglais: 

Kids have integrated very smoothly in the Californian school environment. The girls play 1st violin in a school orchestra, do theatre, aikido and coding. The good and bad thing is that they (rather the girls) are champions without making an effort. Good because this is thanks to the high level of education at Agnes school, and bad because they do not have much challenge now…  

Témoignage d’une maman à propos de sa fille qui a suivi toute sa scolarité maternelle et primaire en immersion FR/NL à Agnes School, et qui a opté pour une école secondaire flamande. 

Julia a très bien commencé son année scolaire en secondaire.  Outre le fait qu’elle s’y sente très à l’aise, ses résultats sont excellents (on vient de recevoir sa première évaluation).  J’avais des craintes quant à lui imposer de suivre une scolarité entièrement en néerlandais et en fait, cela se passe vraiment très bien.  Elle ne doit même pas faire de remédiation en langue NL. Julia s’est sentie vite à l’aise car elle ne connaissait vraiment personne et s’est fait des amis. Ses progrès en NL sont assez incroyables. Je voudrais encore remercier de tout coeur AGNES SCHOOL pour l’excellente préparation (tant au niveau académique qu’organisationnel) qu’elle offre aux enfants de primaire. Je suis convaincue que cela contribue aux bons résultats actuels de Julia.

Témoignage d’un papa dont la fille aînée a suivi toute sa scolarité à Agnes School, en immersion Français-Néerlandais. Elle poursuit ses études dans une école secondaire par immersion.  

Juste un petit mail pour vous donner des nouvelles de K. Comme cela a été dit à la soirée de remise de diplôme, une école primaire est comme un fondement dans la construction. Il doit être solide…K. n’a eu jusqu’à maintenant que des notes très positives, que ce soit en français, en religion ou en néerlandais (oui elle a continué l’immersion dans sa nouvelle école). Nous attendons impatiemment son premier bulletin…Merci à AgnesSchool ! Continuez à encourager les élèves dans leur travail! Passez le message de remerciement à tout votre corps professoral et encouragez les à continuer dans cette voie!