« One of the most important decisions you will ever have to make is where to send your child to school. The early years of a child’s development shape not only future academic success but also character. Your child’s first school, therefore, is something which should be chosen with great care. »

Dear Parents,

Agnes School is an independent co-educational day school, with a Catholic ethos, founded on a belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. Our goal is to help parents raise their children to become outstanding young men and women who are prepared to live by Christian principles all their lives. In order to do this, we encourage each child to become the best person that he or she can be.

Alongside an uncompromising commitment to academic, cultural and sporting excellence, the development of good habits, or virtues, is therefore seen as fundamental to our children’s future happiness and success. The habit of study, a quest for the truth, the responsible use of freedom and personal integrity are especially important.

Beyond their professional expertise, our teachers have an awareness of their own responsibility to serve as role models and to treat children as individuals. Our tutorial system, for example, ensures that our broad educational approach is tailored effectively to each child.

Both Family and school benefit from this co-operative spirit. The result is a love of learning which remains with the children for the rest of their lives. Moreover, when the time comes to leave us, we hope that each child will have developed the strength and sensitivity of character to enable them to mature in to competent, considerate and generous men and women.

Visitors to the school often remark on the caring and stimulating atmosphere that they experience. I would like to invite you to come and visit us and see for yourselves how we work and what we can do for your child.

Geertrui Segers-De Smedt,




Mrs Geertrui Segers-De Smedt

Agnes School asbl

Agnes School was founded by a group of Catholic parents and educators. It is a non-profit organisation.

Agnes School was founded in 2002 by a group of Catholic parents and educators to establish schools and other means of supporting families whose deepest desire is that their children grow into men and women of integrity committed to living their whole lives by Christian principles; men and women who, amongst the exhilarating, and challenging opportunities that the new Millennium presents, are resolved to be the faithful spouses, exemplary citizens and inspirational leaders that our society needs.

The founders believe that parents should be at the heart of the education of their children, both academic and personal, and that schools – and other educators – should be of service to the family in trying to achieve this goal.

Agnes School is governed by a Board of Directors.

They meet regularly to discuss all aspects of school life, and the meetings are also attended by the Head Teachers and Bursar.

Bruno Vanesson


The Board of Directors can be contacted as follows :

Mr. Bruno Vannesson,Chairman
Agnes School a.s.b.l.
143, rue Louis Hap
BE 1040 Bruxelles


The governors meet regularly to discuss all aspects of school life, and the meetings are also attended by the Headmistress.

The directors (ie. governors) are as follows :

Bruno Vannesson – Chairman
Ina Van Dyck
Henri de Chateauvieux
Marco Signore

The school is managed by Agnes School a.s.b.l. and the Chairman can be contacted by writing to him at the registered office address:
Agnes School a.s.b.l. 143, rue Louis Hap B1040 Brussels Belgium

or by emailing him at :


Staff 2018-2019

Geertrui Segers-De Smedt, Director
Isabelle Cruysmans, Director for human ressources, administration and finances

Marion Wambergue, Project manager
Valérie Louveaux, Secretary
Samira Abdellati, Accountant

Father Claude Gérard, Chaplain


Aurélie Peters, M01
Sophie Gillain, M02
Rizlaine Bouzerda, Kindergarten assistant


Eléonore Henin, M2NL & M3NL, Kindergarten coordinator

Shiv Fosdike Wafer, M1EN
Laetitia Oliveria Westerman, M1EN & M1NL
Eléonore Fierens, M1NL
Sarah Weeks, Kindergarten assistant M1EN
Hayat Khalifa, Kindergarten assistant M1NL

Rim Marachli,  Kindergarten assistant M1NL
Ilse Willaert, M2NL & M3NL
Valentine Evrard, M2EN & M3EN
Kerry Whelan, M2EN & M3EN
Estelle Laby, Kindergarten assistant M2EN & M3EN
Marion Barbieux, Kindergarten assistant M2EN & M3EN


Rosalie du Parc, Primary Coordinator

Henrietta Kovacs, P1EN
Petra Merlevede, P1NL
Vania Rocha Noronha, P2EN
Sophie Tavernier, P2NL
Marie-Aurélie Janssens, P3EN & P3NL
Morag Campbell, P3EN
Winnie Erzeel, P3NL & P4NL
Olivia de la Kethulle, P4EN
Isaure-Marie De Clerck, P4NL
Ruobing Ren, P4EN
Tennesse Bartel, P5EN & P5NL
Shiv Fosdike Wafer,  P5EN
Eléonore Fierens, P6EN & P6NL
Nicola Jane Martindale, P6EN

Specialist teachers

Sophie Gillain, Religion Maternelles
Maria Abellanas, Religion Primary
Mikaële Bexon, Music
Isabelle Lefebure, Art
Claudio Aguilera, Sport
Quentin Schellekens, Sport

Non-teaching staff

Marise Gonçalves Possa, Cantine


Buildings and facilities

Agnes School is located in the heart of Brussels. Agnes School acquired the property in January 2007.
The school has large, airy classrooms. There is a large playground, two play apparatus areas (one for the school and one for the nursery). The school makes use of municipal grounds for Primary lessons.

There is an outside covered play area which provides an ideal environment for the children to learn outside the classroom.

The school also has an attractive chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved during the week in term time.

Contact us

Agnes School & Nursery
143, Rue Louis Hap
B1040 Brussels

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Telephone :
+32 2 736 13 86
Email : info[a]agnesschool.be

Buildings and facilities - Agnès School

Contact us

Agnes School & Nursery
143, Rue Louis Hap
B 1040 Brussels

Phone :
+32 2 736 13 86
Email : info[a]agnesschool.be